We are on a mission.

At Wefabricate we set a new standard for industrial excellence. Efficient, flexible and of the highest quality.

Our approach to operations blends agility with innovation, people with passion, and values with action. This is how we operate—not just to meet the present but to define the future of manufacturing.

in 2020
> 23.000 m2
Factory floor space

Wefabricate is based on a unique cell-structure. At the core of Wefabricate is the factory, where we manufacture groundbreaking products for our customers. All other processes are centralized, combining the speed and innovation of a start-up with the advantages of a larger organization.

This configuration not only sharpens our manufacturing edge but also ensures our teams are empowered, focused, and directly contributing to our overarching goal: delivering superior manufacturing services.

Wefabricate also acts as an incubator to launch product innovations, like Weheat and Fyllar, offering a competitive edge that is both scalable and impactful.

A cell based company structure.

Wefabricate merges startup agility with enterprise strength through our unique cell-based structure, offering strategic innovation tailored to your needs. Partnering with us means embracing a holistic approach that ensures precision, adaptability, and a competitive edge, propelling you beyond industry norms towards market leadership.

Each of these cells operate with a clear, ambitious goal, to enable quick decision-making and personal ownership. The larger Wefabricate Group underpins these cells, providing support in areas like IT, HR, and procurement. This environment not only nurtures personal growth but also amplifies our collective capability to lead manufacturing innovation.

Our mission & Values

Cell-based agility

Our cells are more than teams—they're ecosystems of innovation, where ambitious goals meet personal accountability. Supported by the Wefabricate Group's global infrastructure, we ensure that every project benefits from a blend of local insight and world-class expertise, driving us toward manufacturing excellence.

Making impact

We're building a future where work is more than a task—it's a calling. By challenging the conventional, acting with purpose, and striving for the peak of excellence, our team embodies the spirit of Wefabricate: daring, decisive, and dedicated to making a tangible impact.

Driving value

Every day, we live by a simple yet powerful creed: to dare with courage, act with urgency, and excel beyond limits. This ethos is not just our guide; it's our commitment to ourselves, our clients, and the future of manufacturing.

Life at Wefabricate

Four state of the art facilities.

Our strategic locations ensure we're always within reach, ready to extend our cutting-edge solutions. By blending global best practices with local expertise, we provide manufacturing solutions that are not only innovative but also precisely tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of each market.


Best / 5.500 m2 - Close to the Eindhoven epicenter of innovative technology our headquarters is based. In Best, machining, injection molding and system assembly activities take place. Another substantial focus area is product development, including automation solutions.


Duizel / 14.400 m2 - This state-of-the-art facility houses the Electronics (PCBA) capabilities and System Assembly. Besides that, this location is used for the scale-ups arising from the Wefabricate Group: Weheat and Fyllar.


Budel / 3.700 m2 - Coevering Matrijzen, part of the Wefabricate Group, specializes in precision mold manufacturing with a focus on serving the medical sector among others. The location boasts an extensive high-tech machine park, allowing for in-house production of all components​.


China / 3.500 m2 - At the heart of China's innovation hub, the Suzhou facility is dedicated to product development, manufacturing, and supply chain optimization. This hub harnesses local expertise, ensuring the delivery of superior solutions across the globe.

Impact that lasts.

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Realizing potential. Perfecting products.

Experience the difference of a company where every process is designed to elevate your success, and every innovation is crafted with your needs at the forefront. Join us on this journey, and let's shape the future together.