The best standardin manufacturing

We're taking manufacturing to the next level. Producing high-quality products and optimizing every step of the process, we bring your ideas to life.

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Lights: out
Innovation: on

Today's fast-paced world demands efficient and sustainable solutions. We let true innovation light up, so that our factory lights can go out.

  • Machines on their best behavior

    We radically optimize manufacturing flows with outstanding automation. When it comes to our machines, fast and flawless go hand in hand. With this automation strategy we stretch the potential of technology even further, enabling us to produce the highest quality products.

  • One-stop shop

    Having a wide variety of capabilities in-house ensures an integrated and optimized approach to all our solutions, increasing efficiency from production of single parts in the development phase to millions of them on a global scale.

  • Efficiency in our core

    Our deeply ingrained focus on efficiency leads us to believe that the way to offer the best quality products in a fast and scalable manner is to eliminate all repetitive tasks. Design for manufacturing is key in achieving highly automated flows in close cooperation with our customers.

Groundbreaking automated manufacturing

  • Injection molding

    With our state-of-the-art modular molds, the parts you need can be yours within days. High-quality injection-molded parts become more cost effective than ever – from prototype runs to mass production.

  • Machining

    Milled or turned parts can be rapidly produced on our machining centers – which range from 3-axis to 12-axis. We always deliver top-quality parts, produced on the right machine for your product's needs.

  • Assembly

    Beyond part production, we can also deliver fully assembled products, complete with packaging. Our flexible automation solutions allow for easy scaling from initial prototype to large-scale series.

Putting high-tech solutions in the hands of engineers

For our machines to do the working, we need brains to do the thinking. We’re always looking for disruptive thinkers with an endless drive for building new high-tech solutions. Is that you?

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