As your strategic partner, Wefabricate empowers your projects with rapid market readiness and a competitive edge.

Our integrated approach to product lifecycle management, enhanced by our proprietary test framework and comprehensive in-house lab facilities for qualification, accelerates development and time-to-market, providing tangible benefits to our customers in the fast-paced electronics industry.

Our Capabilities

SMT PCBA Manufacturing

Our SMT PCBA facility is a powerhouse of capabilities; we place up to 200,000 components per hour per line, covering sizes from 01005 sizes to ultra-fine pitch BGAs and up to 288-pin connectors. Covering our customers' applications from high-density and flexible printed circuits.

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THT PCBA Manufacturing

Our state of the art through-hole PCBA capabilities, we employ automated placement techniques followed by selective wave soldering to ensure optimal solder connections with minimal thermal stress on the products. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through comprehensive inspections, including solder joint, X-ray, and electrical testing, as part of our standard quality control procedures.

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Our commitment to quality in electronics manufacturing is demonstrated through our blend of X-ray inspections and sophisticated flying probe testing for fixture-free setups, and our proprietary test framework for real-time optimization. Enhanced with AI-driven inspections, our approach ensures structural integrity, rapid market readiness, and comprehensive coverage.

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Fabrication Features

At Wefabricate, we distinguish ourselves through a holistic approach to electronics manufacturing, combining technical prowess with strategic innovation. Our specialized lab environment for qualification underscores our commitment to excellence, ensuring every design is rigorously validated for performance and reliability. This, alongside our one-stop solution for all manufacturing needs, positions us uniquely in the market. Our ability to closely collaborate with customers for iterative design improvements.

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  • Expertise in SMT and THT PCBA manufacturing with a focus on high-density, flexible circuits, and scalable production.
  • A robust test framework featuring flying probe testing, AI-driven inspections, and comprehensive quality control measures.
  • Dedicated lab environment for rigorous in-house qualification, enabling fast-paced design validation and market introduction.

Our Expertise

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We make the things that you dream of

At Wefabricate we design, prototype and manufacture everything that you can imagine. Literally. We’re here to help realise your products and continuously look for more innovative and effective ways to bring them to life. Please reach out to us and learn how we can help you. Let’s get prototyping!