System Integration

We excel in System Integration, offering comprehensive services enables us to serve as a one-stop-shop.

With customer-centric focus we optimize the total cost, reduce the time-to-market for our customers, and stand by the best product quality known to industry standards.  Not only limited to Design-for-eXcellence (DfX), we offer as a service the development of functional- and safety product tests.

Our Capabilities

Wefabricate excels in system integration with techniques ensuring durable connections, airtight seals, component protection, precise identification, rigorous testing, and automated assembly in controlled environments for superior product integrity.

Mechanical Assembly

This category encompasses techniques like screwing and heat staking, which ensure durable and (ir)reversible connections. Our approach optimizes the total life-cycle costs for products, providing our customers with the competitive edge they want.

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Bonding and Sealing

Featuring methods such as gluing, sealing, and ultrasonic welding, we achieve airtight and watertight assemblies critical for harsh environments.

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Testing and Validation

Comprehensive functional and safety testing ensures that each assembly meets rigorous performance and safety standards.

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By leveraging automated assembly and cleanroom techniques, we enhance efficiency, precision, and cleanliness, while offering customers the path to scale-up without having to redesign or invest in their supply chain.

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Fabrication Features

We are dedicated to excellence in System Integration. Our state-of-the-art facilities and innovative methods enable us to address complex assembly challenges effectively.

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  • With Wefabricates System Integration capabilities our customers have a one-stop-shop ensuring quality of the highest standards
  • Our engineers working on DfX result in the maximum achievable optimization of the total value chain of our customers
  • Scalability and flexibility are key for our customers, and we make it our purpose to perform on these aspects at the highest industry level
  • Comprehensive testing capabilities to guarantee product safety and performance.

Our Expertise

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We make the things that you dream of

At Wefabricate we design, prototype and manufacture everything that you can imagine. Literally. We’re here to help realise your products and continuously look for more innovative and effective ways to bring them to life. Please reach out to us and learn how we can help you. Let’s get prototyping!