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Wefabricate’s mission is to create a fully automated factory, optimized in the most excellent detail on efficiency, quality and speed. We bring ideas to life, ready for mass production, by radically rethinking all aspects of the production flow. Working at Wefabricate is different from anything you’ve experienced before.

Job description

Design: You will be responsible for the design and development of components such as circuit boards and work closely with software & mechanical engineers to create new systems, conduct tests on prototypes, and oversee the manufacturing process of a variety of hardware components.

Innovation: You are responsible for not only electronics design but also other electronic competences within the company, to create the factory of the future. This means helping and solving problems with automation and mechatronic systems in a multidisciplinary team. On a typical working day, you will design electronic systems, testing your prototypes and helping other teams with electronic challenges. Since almost everything can be made in-house, we can build new solutions on unprecedented speed. This means you will also have in-depth discussions with, for example, our PCBA department about how to manufacture complex parts. Besides, a high-tech lab environment is available to analyze and perform measurements.


  • You have a passion for electronics;
  • You have a hands-on mentality;
  • Electronics Study (BSC/MSC) Diploma + experience or you are a 3/4th year student;
  • Preferably 2y+ Experience in Electronics design development;
  • Experience with schematic/cad/simulation software (Like Altium/Eagle/Kicad/Siemens EDA/LTspice);
  • Experience with electronics test equipment;
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset;
  • You dislike inefficiencies, whether this related to processes or all kinds of overhead activities. Even more important, you don’t just dislike them, but you figure out ways to eliminate them;
  • You are motivated to go the extra mile to achieve a next-level goal;
  • You like to take responsibility, and often you deliver more than what is expected from you;
  • You want to work with talented people in a team set-up, you want to keep on developing yourself.

What do we offer you?

  • Be part of a manufacturing revolution and join as one of the first 200 employees, a unique opportunity to help shape a fast-growing tech company’s blueprint;
  • All Wefabricate pioneers are selected carefully, and therefore we promise you; you will work with the finest engineers able to challenge you on your innovation journey. You will outperform yourself day by day and help others around you to outperform themselves as well;
  • We believe people should always be our limiting resource, not technology. Therefore, we will make sure you will have the best technologies/machines to work with;
  • You will receive a laptop and iPhone that can be used for personal use as well;
  • Working at Wefabricate is a joint adventure, and therefore, we facilitate numerous team events and (free) daily lunch and dinner;
  • We believe everyone within Wefabricate is able to determine what conditions work best for them. Flexibility is key. For example, you determine your working hours (evenings and weekends are also possible);
  • If you make overtime hours, these will be compensated either financially or as extra holidays – you decide;
  • We offer market-competitive benefits, including a yearly bonus and 30 leave days.

About Wefabricate

Wefabricate wants to ignite a revolution in the manufacturing industry. In doing so, we don’t transform towards automation, but we take automation as ground zero. This enables us to deliver faster, perform better, and ramp up mass production in no time.

The same line of thought is embedded in our way of working: we don’t like inefficiencies like overhead, recurring meetings, and micromanagement. We believe talents in our organization perform at their best when they are facilitated, not managed.

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